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all these demons of mine. getting in the way of union – swirling around our feet, threatening downfall with every step. until i reach down to discover – they’re as soft as the underbelly of every kitten i’ve ever loved. as meek as i felt when my own ego kept exposing every tender part of me. you know, i’m starting to have the feeling that true surrender means looking around in a landscape of black, and then stepping off the edge into what seems to be more…

the thing is, i kept seeing a cage door swing open, with us in each others arms, and trees lining our path. the sun was always there when we were together, beckoning us with her soft rays. i’m completely in love with Guru. and it means that i can finally, fully, be here for you too.

it seems so obvious now how perfect you are for me. now that i’ve finally let go.

i’ve torn myself to pieces. but Your Hukam kept reminding me of what I never knew I knew – that Love is always there. Waiting. Hungry. Eternally Patient, and in the alchemy of surrender, ready to shower a bliss beyond possibility.

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