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cathedral walls

i found myself walking between cathedral walls that stretched up metre upon metre. paced slowly through a prayer room filled with affirmations of healing and peace. candles tucked in tight between each other – cozy, flickering, vibrating to the intentions of those seeking relief. and then back again into cathedral space. filled, open, towering silence that reached up towards You.

i felt Guru Sahib present, like a breeze floating between us all, and i knew in that moment, in the way only bodies can know – that Guru Sahib is for all of us. that She manifests for each of us in particular ways through time and space. these gifts which Guru has given me – the gift of Name, these five kakkars, are Her blessings to me.

and, Guru has also given to others spectrums of gifts and forms of worship – unique and unifying moments of insight into You. these are Her blessings also.

Guru Sahib is for all of us. which is to say – that Love is here. Connection is here. Truth that pushes through mind, and our resistance, remains ever present, waiting to lead us home again.

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