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i keep feeling like the only decision i ever really have to make is whether i want to be happy…truly and deeply.  i can imagine a world of bliss, and even if in the moment i cannot see the evidence in the world around me, that i must keep a hold of that vision with each and every piece of me seems like the most important task.

and whenever i feel fear, hurt, dissonance, i must ask: what can i do for myself to nourish all that’s inside? how can i give love? how can i soften the edges of this pain?

that’s when i realize: the feel of breathe moving through my body is here. Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru plays on my lips. Guru whispers the answer to every query deep within my mind. inspired action always leads to more freedom, more peace.

i know that i am here to experience happiness. i know that we are here to dance in love with one another. i know that we can create so much goodness in the world through service to each other. i know that for every wound that exists, there is a surge of renewal waiting to enter in.

none of this would be the same without you, though. so,what i really want to know is: will you dance this dance with me?

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