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step out
into the unknown

peel back the layers
and feel your heart
beating in the breeze

you’re alone here

yet surrounded

no one is alone

yet somehow

you are totally
on your own here

i don’t want

this desire
and craving
for something
not in front of me

when will you come?

watch me
as i edge away
at the thought
of you
joined with me

always asking
for you to come

but deep down
i never really
wanted more

then to be
on my own
just Guru and me

a gentle loneliness
washes up
on my shore

perhaps destined
to have things
as i’ve always
thought they’d be

i feel that i don’t want you

yet still

there’s nothing
i want more

then to be
taken in arms
that stretch
around shoulders

to be contained
instead of always containing
the things i feel inside

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