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freedom has always meant escape for me. but lately i’ve been digging ant size caverns through the hardest parts inside, and instead of leaving the work undone, i’ve been wanting to dig deeper…

freedom from the parts of me that seek escape is the most meaningful pursuit right now. stand still. the quaking means things are breaking. calcified injuries split open. it isn’t a bloody process. the breaking just creates dust that the wind takes away. like a living body inside of a statue, i’m breaking out of my own shell.

i’ve never perfectly married what i know and what i do – when you’re always running, it can be harder for lessons to catch up. when i’m still, i feel fear.

but over time, i’ve become gentle enough to treat her softly. to hold fear tightly, and let her know that she too has a home inside. i expect she’ll change the way i have, the way home changes all of us – softening the corners of resistance and helping us melt into Love once more…

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