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indecision has a way of thrashing about. it cuts softly, subtlety, un-noticed until you stand, and the pieces of you crumble into a dusty pile on the floor.

the words you’ve said to me stand in stark contrast to the life i’m living right now – i hold onto them like jewels on a line – a necklace of divine love that leads me back to you.

i want to weave your words into a blanket i can carry – wrap myself, coccoon -like. i want to re-birth myself into a state of security, where change comes and goes, but this feeling remains the same.

it’s a world where all thought and doubt gets wiped clean. and the soft, subtle cutting i myself impose becomes a thing of the past. like all other pain, doubt becomes a thing i can pity and see clear through.

i love you, too.

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