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pre-conceptions overlook the lush valley of my life like circling mountain ranges. each step taken remains tied to their view. ideals are tricky things. i’ve always idealized them – defended their role in upliftment. but now i’m beginning to see how i’ve wielded them like weapons against the impulses of my heart, against Guru’s hukam as it unfolds before me, against the very real, living, throbbing, loving humans in my midst.

i have a mountain print hanging in my home – it has travelled with me throughout adulthood, has survived falling out a window, being soaked in the rain – has been nailed up onto wall after apartment wall. whenever i’ve looked at it, i’ve felt pulled upwards. it has always been a focal point of inspiration for me.

but i’ve begun to wonder whether my mountain range is actually starting to weigh me down. obscuring the path forward, instead of helping to guide the way.

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