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sinking into promise

even though fall is approaching, tiny blossoms keep popping up through the rich earth that lays along my path. i look at them, curious, a small smile playing at the corner of my lips. i know you, i think to myself, as i reach out to stroke delicate petals. before contact, i experience a remembering – oh! it’s you!

this is what happiness looks like, what it feels like to come home. this is what unfolding, what break through, what peace have always been waiting to reveal…

i find myself slowly sinking into the promise we have already made to each other. and that sinking-into feels like a warm cocoon bent out of branches i’ve been gathering for ages. and even though, like all cocoons, this one holds the promise of transformation, instead of shielding me, it seems to be exposing me and my heart even more.

we’re a little shaky, standing out in the wind in this way. we aren’t used to this degree of safety. this amount of possibility. to taking steps in love and faith. yet here we are. shaking in the wind. together.

i used to think of the heart as an organ of fire. but the only things that have been burning are things i shed long ago. what is real is shining more and more…

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