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Guru Sahib stood in a circle around me. each One looking with eyes filled with love. Their words came without sound – We are, each one of Us, here for you…

all that is required, always, is a reaching-out towards Naam.

of pulling it into my heart. gently. continually.

like lighting a candle, it begins to flicker in soft repetition. when the breezes that sweep through my life blow it out, i am called to re-light it. again and again and again…

presence and wholeness woven into the fabric of my life. the gift of Naam streaming into this small heart of mine. how large it makes me want to become. i want to light the whole world with it’s warmth. i want each of us to feel this peace.

later, head to the floor in dabar sahib – a whisper – you are always whole in Me, ¬†you are always whole…

i am always whole in You.

and i want always that this small heart of mine remains a candle that flickers with the light of Your Name.

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