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you, Radiance, you

i love what is happening here. i am swirling in a nexus of re-birth. the person i had always hoped i could be is being born through a canal of love. what should be worn down and discarded is being challenged. defences rear their heads, while parts of me try to hold on to a pain i befriended long ago…i am vulnerable because i want to be. i am growing because i want to. i am struggling to find words, to find meaning, to find ground, to find balance because all of these things are valuable to me.

i want break through and break down, and to be a better person. to let go of ideas of being a better person. to see the better person i am. to re-locate the nexus of my life away from ‘me’ all together. to centre myself in collectivity, to see you in me and me in you and to release my body onto a breeze that floats me down once i jump off this cliff i myself have created…i want i want i want….


i want a total lack of want. i want what ‘wants’ to peel away, exposing the glow within. for radiance to be the default i continuously reach for, no matter how far i leave her behind. radiance when hurting. radiance when lost. radiance when distant. radiance when close. radiance when alone. radiance when full. radiance when with you. and radiance when apart.

you, Radiance, You.

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